Sibling Relations

This page will contain posts about sibling relationships whether formed from biological or non-biological connections. The derivations of this section is from a place of where voids once lived to real-time stories about how finding out and spending time with a newfound friend can bring blessings to your life in the simplest of ways.

It began in January when she learned of my supposed identity through Ancestry DNA. I remember opening up my Facebook Messenger to a text that read ‘I do believe we are kin; perhaps a cousin of some sort [paraphrase].’ I panicked, immediately – but only because I thought about how the time had finally come for truth. Besides, I knew about her for 39 years. Long story short, I met my tea-time friend who shares a love for walking bare-feet, sipping tea over a lit candle, has a liking for stationary and itches to travel abroad when the opportunity presents itself.  She is called my Sunshine and for the very first time, she slow danced with me on May 10.